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Stalkerware Check

Check your device for stalkerware now.

If you are interested to check your smartphone for stalkerware, get in touch with us ASAP.

Detecting spy bugs on your mobile phone, including malware and viruses requires delicate handling. Ouzounis IT department serving high-demanding customers and organisa,ons throughout the last 50 years, guarantees undetectable and absolutely safe spy debugging solutions.

A stalkerware check and spy debugging could provide you with the digital fingerprint of the installer, as well as a descriptive report of all the exported data. Our research requires less than 30 minutes, while there is no need for a physical contact with your smart device.

stalkerware check, stalkerware removal, find spyware, spyware finder, find spyware on iphone

Stalkerware Check Advantages

Immediacy and Effectiveness

Detecting viruses and checking smart devices for stalkerware does not require any physical contact with the device. This way we minimise the time needed to complete the investigation.


Satisfying more than 23000 clients we are absolutely confident to detect with excellent efficiency all malware installed on your smartphone.


Your files and data are safe with us.


In the unfortunate event that your personal information and data have been leaked, you might be in serious danger while you might be blackmailed.

Why choose us

Ignorance is exhausting. We are aware that interpersonal dependence is capable to unsettle human relations. Our mission, to support your concerns.


It is about ,me to act!


Bringing splendid results to over 23000 individual cases the last 50+ years, our private investigations agency undertake investigations and surveillance cases nationwide as well as across the globe. Our ultimate mission is to deliver the information you ask for.

Let us inform you that Ouzounis Private Investigations Agency undertakes cases under the Law of 3206/2003 Government GazeWe 298/Α/23.12 for Private Investigators.


We guarantee that when you will be doing business with us no data will be leaked.


We have successfully completed all of our investigations, with 100% customer satisfaction.


Our network of private investigators is dinstinguished by absolute professional skills.

How much does it cost?

The pricing of the investigations, surveillance and counter-surveillance services vary according to the scope the nature and the required time of each case. Get in touch with us on +306982487947 to get a free quote.

In which countries/ locations do you operate?

The Private Investigations Agency Ouzounis undertakes services of investigations and surveillance all around the world. Find our HQ in Athens and Thessaloniki, Greece. Get free quote on +306982487947.

How can I trust you?

Simply put, 23.000 clients cannot be wrong. We have been operating in all kind of surveillance and investigations services the last 50 years under three major principles: Discretion, Professionalism and Credibility. After all, it is a matter of social proof.

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We value honest and dignity. Ouzounis, est. 1970.

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