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Private Investigations Agency

Our History


Certificates of the Private Investigators Association of Greece (a nonexistent term nowadays) under the chairmanship of Emmanouel and Kyriakos Ouzounis, founders of the OUZOUNIS PRIVATE INVESTIGATIONS AGENCY (1970).

OUZOUNIS PRIVATE INVESTIGATIONS AGENCY established in 1970 by Kyriakos and Emmanouel Ouzounis setting up offices in Athens and Thessaloniki. The founders’ primary priority was the immediate and timely customer service. For this actual reason, OUZOUNIS PRIVATE INVESTIGATIONS AGENCY has been widely recognized as the most acclaimed and reliable private investigators agency in Greece

The founders’ main mission was to successfully complete a full range of services that a Private Investigations Agency can offer. For this reason, they moved on establishing the Ouzounis Security Company. Their continuous efforts for further improvement and advancement helped them become members of the Private Investigators Association of Greece (a nonexistent term nowadays), and later they assumed the presidency of it, both in Thessaloniki and in Athens.

Since 2000, Mrs Maria Ouzounis, spouse of Emmanouel Ouzounis, assumed the management of the OUZOUNIS PRIVATE INVESTIGATIONS AGENCY being the driving force behind it while maintaining its thriving presence.

Mrs Maria Ouzounis, being one of the fewest women in the male-dominating domain of Private Investigations, wanted to add her personal touch to the already thriving presence of OUZOUNIS PRIVATE INVESTIGATIONS AGENCY. For this reason, in collaboration with highly specialized private investigators she founded the OUZOUNIS PRIVATE INVESTIGATIONS AGENCY, the biggest customer services network  in Greece.

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