locating tracking devices


What is the locating tracking device or bug sweeps?

Locating tracking devices is the use of the appropriate technological equipment in order to detect hidden electronic devices.

What is a tracking bug?

There are different types of a tracking bug. For example a tracking bug can be a listening device, a spy equipment or cameras in different sizes and shapes.

However, in many cases, a tracking bug can be installed in different devices. It is possible, for example, to be installed in a phone, in a flashlight, in an alarm clock as well as in a changer, in a socket or in a power strip. locating tracking devices

Tracking bugs are mainly separated in two basic categories, wired and those which have an independent source of energy (battery). Wired ones can be used for extended periods of time, in case they are not detected and there is supply power inside the building. A necessary prerequisite for installing any monitoring system is the access to the place you want to detect.

Detective OUZOUNIS

Associates of OUZOUNIS PRIVATE INVESTIGATIONS AGENCY, being highly specialized and knowledgeable about modern technology can inform you about the appropriate way for a tracking bug to be installed and used. locating tracking devices

Cases in which detecting tracking devices service is needed

  • In case a partner wants to detect the whereabouts and conversations if there are suspicions for extramarital relationship. This can be really useful in divorce cases.
  • In case a parent is afraid that his child’s life is in danger.
  • In case an individual has a secondary unoccupied residence for an extended period of time.
  • In case a company is operated in an extremely competitive field. locating tracking devices
  • In case a company is involved in sensitive industrial sectors.
  • In case companies are involved in the development of innovative products and competitors can be benefited from having access to its data.

OUZOUNIS PRIVATE INVESTIGATIONS AGENCY has a team of specialized executives using high-tech professional equipment.

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