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GPS Trackers is a method to keep track of a vehicle 24 hours a day. Is a relatively inexpensive way to keep track of a vehicle for any period of time with the added advantage of the device being easily installed and removed. magnetic gps tracker gps tracker for car gps tracker moto

This means that you can swap the device from one vehicle to another if the resolution of your case involves more than one vehicle.

Why should I use Car Tracking?

There are many reasons. However the most important ones are:

  • You want to be able to monitor your vehicle in case of theft.
  • You want to keep track of any of your vehicles.
  • You want to keep track of a corporate vehicle.
  • You want to know where your family members are for fear of their safety. (people suffering from illnesses or disabilities)

OUZOUNIS PRIVATE INVESTIGATIONS AGENCY has state-of-the-art Trackers. Contact us in order to inform you about our our technological equipment.

GPS Trackers for Companies

Tracker is the ideal solution for companies wanting to appropriately manage their vehicle fleet.  This technology is groundbreaking as it has been highly developed over the recent years and consists one of the touchstone for future developments in the broader security field. gps tracker moto

Using Trackers you will be able to know exactly what your drivers are doing any time of the day. You will find out if unauthorized use of company vehicles is made (misappropriation) and if the deliveries have been appropriately carried out. magnetic gps tracker gps tracker for car

 Trackers for individuals

Trackers have a lot of everyday applications in our private life. They make our everyday life easier, provide us with security and protection and offer us a lot of solutions.

They are appropriate for individuals who want to protect their property (car, yacht, motorbike) or vulnerable people of their family environment. Elderly people with health problems (Dementia, Alzheimer etc), young children which are on the move (for educational purposes or outdoor activities) as well as people suffering from disabilities and are in need of increased security and protection. gps tracker moto

Trackers of OUZOUNIS PRIVATE INVESTIGATIONS AGENCY are fully certified state-of-the-art devices, with increased durability and easy to operate.

We would like to inform you that OUZOUNIS PRIVATE INVESTIGATIONS AGENCY undertakes spouse investigations in accordance with law 3206/2003 concerning private investigators as set out in Government Gazette 298/Α/23.12.20

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