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Τhe investigations bring up to light the findings that provide evidence on the facts and prove the truth, and because of that the role of private investigators in throwing light into a case is extremely crucial. Detective Larnaka private investigations agency larnaka private investigator larnaka

Regardless of the kind of the investigation, a private investigator who works confidentially and effectively will always be useful to you! Although many cases present to an extent some similarities, each one requires different manipulation and approach.

Our long experience and expertise in Private Investigations enables us to provide services covering the full range of demands in investigating a case:

  • Surveillance
  • Individual Investigation Private Investigations
  • Missing Person Investigation Detective Larnaka
  • Friends and Family Members Investigation
  • Background Investigations
  • Real Estate and Immoveable Property Investigation – Inheritance Detective Larnaka
  • Surveillance Investigation Private Investigations
  • Address Identification
  • DNA Identification
  • Criminal Record Investigation
  • Sexual Harassment Investigation private investigations agency larnaka private investigator larnaka

Detective OUZOUNIS

However, in many occasions the success of an investigation requires using specialized and advanced technological tools. OUZOUNIS PRIVATE INVESTIGATIONS AGENCY’S technological support department consists of acclaimed and experienced partners with all-rounded and thorough knowledge of programming skills and modern technology, which can provide you with a wide range of programs and technological tools for the success of your case:

  • Cell Phone Surveillance
  • Landline Surveillance ( Bugs )
  • Software and Applications for Cell Phones / tablets/ computers
  • Facebook/ Instagram / Email/ Viber/ Skype Detective Larnaka
  • Deleted Data Recovery
  • GPS Trackers
  • Advanced Audio Recording Equipment (Cameras)
  • Advanced Sound Recording Equipment (Bugs)
  • Protection Against Illegal and Malicious Software
  • Monitoring for the potential existence of Illegal and Malicious Software installed in your Device (Mobile, Computers, Laptop, Tablet)
  • Monitoring for the potential existence of Illegal Audio and Audiovisual Devices possibly installed in your premises (Bugs-Cameras)
  • Identifying Cell Phone and Landline User Details Detective Larnaka
  • Cell Phone Tracking

The above are some of our most important services. If you contact a professional private investigator, you will find out that he can wisely advise and assist you in many different ordinary issues and prevent potential threats for your personal or professional life. Detective Larnaka


Contact us and feel the safety you deserve in Private Investigations. Our experienced and specialized associates will conduct an investigation to your benefit with high sense of responsibility and professionalism. Our private investigators are at your disposal in order to investigate the details of your case and undertake it with absolute confidentiality regarding the information collected. Detective Larnaka

We would like to inform you that OUZOUNIS PRIVATE INVESTIGATIONS AGENCY undertakes to process individual cases in accordance with law 3206/2003 relating private investigators as set out in Government Gazette 298/Α/23.12.20

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