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Detective Cyprus

Ouzounis Private Investigations Agency is the largest network of private investigations and surveillance in Greece, since 1970. You can find our headquarters in Limassol, Athens and Thessaloniki, while we hold partnerships in all continents.

Our long time experience, the top-notch surveillance solutions and the customer satisfaction allow us to guarantee the best results.

Investing time and funds to provide high-end training as well as cutting edge equipment led our agency to develop a great variety of digital and physical fail-proof surveillance solutions.

Our services include:

Detective Cyprus

– Forensic recovery
– Number lookup
– Locate a person
– Reveal no caller id
– Stalkerware check
– Counter surveillance
– Vetting / Fact checking
– Private investigations
– Private surveillance
– Computer surveillance
– Mobile surveillance
– Mobile spy bugs
– Locate a mobile device

Why choose us:

Discretion: Absolute discretion between you and our agency. We commit ourselves to provide professional services without leaks.
Fair fees: It is our mission to provide excellent surveillance services with affordable fees.
Support: We are providing essential support and counselling to all our clients even by the completion of the investigation.
Experience: In the last 50+ years we have been active in the particular industry.

12 Reasons to recruit a professional Detective

The purpose of a private investigator is to assist individuals, lawyers and corporations to find data and information. The following list is just a sample of the duties and responsibilities of a private detective.

Background Check

Conducting background check to confirm his/hers true identity, his/hers criminal records, the security of a business venue or even to confirm that an
enterprise abides by specific security principles.

Detective Cyprus

Fact: 75% of employers claim that chose wrong people for their enterprise. The average cost of a wrong decision in recruitment is almost 10.000€

Detective Cyprus

Local/ On the go Surveillance

Private surveillance takes place in order to document a specific behaviour or action.

Fact: Private surveillance is conducted in order to prevent crimes, to acquire essential information for the court of law or to report information relevant to a crime.

Detective Cyprus

Investigations & Insurance

Investigations that have to do with private insurance are able to confirm facts and information in order to prevent insurance frauds.

Face: Insurance frauds damage up to 60 billion euros yearly the insurance companies. This is likely to increase the costs for the end customer apart from the insurance provider.

Private Investigator Cyprus

Subpoena and formal documents

Sharing documents and information to a third party can be critical. These documents should serve lawyers and their proof of evidence in the court of law
Including official copies.

Detective Cyprus

Corporate Investigations

Conducting thorough investigations in enterprises and corporations may reveal irregularities of employees, the management of even third parties.

Fact: According to a global research of frauds conducted by ACFE (2017), corporations are damaged approximately 5% per calendar year.
This is equal to 3,7 billion USD annually.

Detective Cyprus

Private investigation

This type of research has to do with individuals and personal issues. Private investigation can help you to reveal infidelity, to prevent and to avoid fraud and stealing as well as any other form of illegal activity.

Fact: it is estimated that a percentage of about 30% – 60% commit infidelity during their marriage.

Traffic incidents Investigations

Analysing traffic incidents may provide statistical outcomes in order to reveal facts about the specific casualty.

Fact: According to researches published in 2017, 32.675 people died in 29.989 traffic incidents.

Cyber Harassment

This type of cyber investigation reveals lowdowns retrieved through social media posts and relevant activities and may be provided as evidences as part
of a criminal check to support legal procedure.

Fact: Crimes that are associated with Facebook are reported to police department every 40 minutes.

Private Investigator Cyprus

Childcare investigations

Childcare investigations are usually conducted as part of the welfare or treatment of underages, usually after a divorce of loss of parental custody.

Missing person

This procedure usually takes place when a person is missing or lost because of financial debts or unstable health conditions.

Data recovery

Recovering data from digital devices such as personal computers or mobile devices may provide you with information that could assist legal procedure
as proof of evidence.

Detective Cyprus

Detective Cyprus

WIth absolute discretion and dedication to bring the desired outcome, Private Investigation Agency Ouzounis are here to provide you with tailor-made surveillance solutions.
No matter what your concern is, a professional detective is capable to provide you with reliable information adducing relevant evidence.

Every single case requires different procedures, according to its needs.

Detective Cyprus

In the unfortunate event you are suspicious about a person, a professional detective will confirm or reject your suspicions with proof of evidence that are likely to assist legal procedures. We strongly recommend to chose certified investigators. Do not hesitate to get in touch with our agency.

Private Investigator Cyprus

Let us inform you that Ouzounis Private Investigations Agency undertakes cases under the Law of 3206/2003 Government Gazette 298/Α/23.12 for Private Investigators.

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