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Data recovery is one of the main electronic services offered by OUZOUNIS PRIVATE INVESTIGATION AGENCY information technology department. The Information Technology Department of OUZOUNIS PRIVATE INVESTIGATION AGENCY is made up of well-known and experienced partners with complete and comprehensive knowledge of programming and modern technology. We use state-of-the-art programs and methods in order to recover data from any electronic device. We ensure you confidentiality, professionalism and discreet. data recovery data recall data recovery programs retrieve deleted files

Recovering data is a procedure of recovering damaged, lost or deleted information coming from a storage device which cannot be recovered in usual ways. Storage devices from which recovery data can be achieved are hard devices, cell phones, tablets and other electronic devices. The files which can be recovered are calls, sms, photographs, contacts and many more. However, data (files) cannot be accessible (not recoverable) in case the device has been destroyed. In order to inform you which files can be recovered, we have to check the device first.


Recovering data is separated in three categories: Professional Investigations, Family Investigations and Forensic Investigations. data recovery

Professional Investigations are about exporting data from business hard drives. A usual example is when an employee steals or deletes company’s data. Recovering data can be used in recovering of lost data. Moreover, professional investigations are usual in case of fraud, theft of IP and e-mail recovery. data recovery programs retrieve deleted files

Family Investigation is the procedure of recovering digital information from devices such as tablets, smartphones e.t.c., which belongs to family’s members / siblings. Recovering data in the family environment is usually necessary in divorce cases, domestic disputes or children’s protection. data recall

During the data recovery process in forensic cases, the device through which you want to recover the data, is securing appropriately. Consequently, a clone of the hard drive is created so as to maintain the integrity of the investigation, while all the hidden and deleted files are recovering from the hard drive.

We would like to inform you that OUZOUNIS PRIVATE INVESTIGATIONS AGENCY undertakes cases in accordance with law 3206/2003 relating private investigators as set out in Government Gazette 298/Α/23.12.20

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