counter surveillance, cell phone spyware detection, covert listing device, counter surveillance equipment

Counter Surveillance

We detect any type of spy devices, including installed malware, listening devices, and hidden cameras. Ask for our distinctive counter surveillance services and let us scan your premises.

Our agency exploits high-end equipment to detect with great accuracy bugs, recording devices, and malware installed at your office, home or even your vehicle. Investing constantly in the latest technology, we guarantee absolute efficiency in any type of anti-surveillance tasks. Let us minimise the risk of surveillance.

Surveillance bugs vary with respect to size, type, shape and objective. They are designed for recording video, audio or even both. Installing bugs and voice recorders is usually performed by experienced detectives in smart devices, landline phones, alarms, flashlights, and sockets. The most common types are two: wired and wireless. The main difference is the capacity of storage and time recording, where the former outmatch the wireless devices. Last but not least, be aware that to install a recorder one should have physical access at your premises.

counter surveillance, cell phone spyware detection, covert listing device, counter surveillance equipment

Common cases


The higher the interest, the higher the risk. Thus, professionals might be in greater risk when it comes to money. Often, colleagues or business partners lead themselves to unfair means including surveillance. In the digital era we are living, data breach and leaks are the most common frauds.


A surveillance bug, wires or a covert listening device can expose your business may cause irreparable harms at your business. Ouzounis Private Investigations Agency stand by you. Your safety is our priority.

Families and Individuals

Your personal life needs to be personal. In the unfortunate event you are suspicious about someone spying on you, make sure you get in touch with on time. Our professional investigators are able to provide you with safe and immediate counter surveillance solutions.

Why choose us

Ignorance is exhausting. We are aware that interpersonal dependence is capable to unsettle human relations. Our mission, to support your concerns.


It is about ,me to act!


Bringing splendid results to over 23000 individual cases the last 50+ years, our private investigations agency undertake investigations and surveillance cases nationwide as well as across the globe. Our ultimate mission is to deliver the information you ask for.

Let us inform you that Ouzounis Private Investigations Agency undertakes cases under the Law of 3206/2003 Government GazeWe 298/Α/23.12 for Private Investigators.


We guarantee that when you will be doing business with us no data will be leaked.


We have successfully completed all of our investigations, with 100% customer satisfaction.


Our network of private investigators is dinstinguished by absolute professional skills.

How much does it cost?

The pricing of the investigations, surveillance and counter-surveillance services vary according to the scope the nature and the required time of each case. Get in touch with us on +306982487947 to get a free quote.

In which countries/ locations do you operate?

The Private Investigations Agency Ouzounis undertakes services of investigations and surveillance all around the world. Find our HQ in Athens and Thessaloniki, Greece. Get free quote on +306982487947.

How can I trust you?

Simply put, 23.000 clients cannot be wrong. We have been operating in all kind of surveillance and investigations services the last 50 years under three major principles: Discretion, Professionalism and Credibility. After all, it is a matter of social proof.

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