locating tracking devices
LOCATING TRACKING DEVICES What is the locating tracking device or bug sweeps? Locating tracking devices is the use of the appropriate technological equipment in order to detect hidden electronic devices. What is a tracking bug? There are different types of a tracking bug. For example a tracking bug can be a listening device, a spy...
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phone number lookup
PHONE NUMBER LOOKUP Are you interested in finding out to which person a cell phone number belongs to? find number phone name phone number lookup Our Private Investigators are able to conduct a phone number lookup investigation and provide you with the name and the latest recorded address of the phone number holder. We can...
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gps tracker
GPS TRACKER GPS Trackers is a method to keep track of a vehicle 24 hours a day. Is a relatively inexpensive way to keep track of a vehicle for any period of time with the added advantage of the device being easily installed and removed. magnetic gps tracker gps tracker for car gps tracker moto...
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surveillance equipment rental
SURVEILLANCE EQUIPMENT RENTAL Since 1970, OUZOUNIS PRIVATE INVESIGATION AGENCY provides private investigation services throughout Greece and abroad, by giving valid and reliable information (bugs, cameras, GPS Trackers etc). Within this framework and in line with the optimum customer service, we offer the opportunity of surveillance equipment rental to individuals as well as to companies. Our...
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Cell phone Surveillance,android locate
Cell Phone Surveillance The cell phone consists the primary means of communication with our family, friend and professional environment (phone calls, messages, applications). It is also the main tool of storing personal information (contacts, videos, photos, e-mails). All this information consists material which in many cases not only can enlighten us concerning issues or questions...
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cell phone tracking
CELL PHONE TRACKING Cell phone tracking is one of the basic electronic services provided by OUZOUNIS PRIVATE INVESTIGATIONS AGENCY information technological department. There are many technologies available for the surveillance and cell phone tracking. We provide trustworthy and non traceable cell phone surveillance software which can be easily installed both on tablets and on computers....
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data recovery, retrieve deleted files
DATA RECOVERY Data recovery is one of the main electronic services offered by OUZOUNIS PRIVATE INVESTIGATION AGENCY information technology department. The Information Technology Department of OUZOUNIS PRIVATE INVESTIGATION AGENCY is made up of well-known and experienced partners with complete and comprehensive knowledge of programming and modern technology. We use state-of-the-art programs and methods in order...
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