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Ignorance is exhausting.
It is about ,me for you to act.
No hesitations.
It is about ,me to learn the truth and make your decisions.
Take the big step forward.
Learn the truth.
On this big step, the Private Investigations Agency Ouzounis go along with you.
Our network of qualified detectives is capable to support your suspicions with holistic approach in investigations and surveillance services, settling precisely on your case.
Open your eyes, now.

CEO of Private Investigations Agency

Ouzounis, est. 1970


The Private Investigations Agency Ouzounis is a rather people-oriented company. Thus, we guarantee absolute discretion.


Scoring 100% in satisfaction rates, we are proud to state that we have the ability to produce instantly the desired outcome.


We are distinguished by discretion, credibility and professionalism. We commit ourselves to guarantee privacy of your personal information.



Establishment: Private Investigations Agency Ouzounis 

 Our agency was established back in 1970 by the co-founders Kyriakos and Emmanouil Ouzounis in Athens and Thessaloniki, Greece.

Distinguished by excellent customer service, we were soon qualified as the most prominent agency in the Hellenic Republic.


Our objective was to provide integrated surveillance and investigation solutions. In 1984 we brought Ouzounis Security into being.

Association of Hellenic Investigators

Constant distinctions and great awareness embraced us to join the Association of Hellenic Investigators.

Soon after our agency promoted to be the head of the association in Athens and Thessaloniki.

Managing Director

It was in 2000 when Maria Ouzounis, Emmanouil’s wife and partner, took over the management of the agency. Mrs Ouzounis sustained with great success the core principles of the company.

In a male-dominated industry, she decided to make the difference setting up Ouzounis Private Investigations composing the largest network of investigations and surveillance in Greece.

To date, identifying the gradual steady integration of technology in our lives, we provide brand new digital
solutions, embracing the dream born back in 1970.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

The pricing of the investigations, surveillance and counter-surveillance services vary according to the scope the nature and the required ,me of each case. Get in touch with us on +306982487947 to get a free quote.

In which countries/ locations do you operate?

The Private Investigations Agency Ouzounis undertakes services of investigations and surveillance all around the world. Find our HQ in Athens and Thessaloniki, Greece. Get free quote on +306982487947.

How can I trust you?

Simply put, 23.000 clients cannot be wrong. We have been operating in all kind of surveillance and investigations services the last 50 years under three major principles: Discretion, Professionalism and Credibility. After all, it is a matter of social proof.

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