person tracking, find someone's location
PERSON TRACKING A private investigator is able to investigate an individual in order to confirm his contacts and his interactions. Person Tracking find someone’s location The surveillance of an individual can be carried out either in person or from distance, depending on the situation. Person Tracking If you need any information which can stand up...
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private investigations
PRIVATE INVESTIGATIONS Τhe investigations bring up to light the findings that provide evidence on the facts and prove the truth, and because of that the role of private investigators in throwing light into a case is extremely crucial. Regardless of the kind of the investigation, a private investigator who works confidentially and effectively will always...
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background check
BACKGROUND CHECK OUZOUNIS PRIVATE INVESTIGATIONS AGENCY can carry out background checks for individuals, companies and anyone who is interested in investigation services. employee background check Having been the biggest service network in Greece, we can provide you with the most precise information. If you need the best private investigator for background checks and investigation services,...
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missing person investigation
Missing Person Investigation At OUZOUNIS PRIVATE INVESTIGATIONS AGENCY, we are experts when it comes to missing person investigation and skip tracing services. find a missing person search missing person We can locate any missing persons including searching for missing loved ones with whom an individual may have lost touch, investigating abductions, investigating birth parents in...
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Spouse Investigation, catch a cheating spouse, is he cheating me
SPOUSE INVESTIGATION Do you feel that you are a victim of an unfaithful spouse? Spouse Investigation catch a cheating spouse If you do have any such signs or if you suspect that your partner has been involved in an emotional affair, a private investigator is the most suitable person to confirm or to refute it...
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juvenile surveillance,monitor my kid,find my kid
JUVENILE SURVEILLANCE The Juvenile Surveillance Service consists a preventive and protective tool for the life of your child. monitor my kid find my kid The security of your children is of outmost importance and, as it is widely known, prevention saves lives.  The primary aim of our investigators in such cases is to collect data...
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corporate investigations
CORPORATE INVESTIGATIONS Do you have any suspicions that your company has fallen victim of theft or fraud on the part of your employees or associates? Corporate Investigations workplace investigations Have you noticed any incident of precious and confidential information leaking? In that case, hiring a private investigator for corporate issues can bring in great benefits...
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locating tracking devices
LOCATING TRACKING DEVICES What is the locating tracking device or bug sweeps? Locating tracking devices is the use of the appropriate technological equipment in order to detect hidden electronic devices. What is a tracking bug? There are different types of a tracking bug. For example a tracking bug can be a listening device, a spy...
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LEGAL CASES One of the most important reasons why someone is interested in appointing a Private Investigator is legal cases. Not only are divorces and professional disputes included in legal cases, but also disputes concerning inheritance claims after a family member passes away. More often than not, even a trivial amount of money within an...
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phone number lookup
PHONE NUMBER LOOKUP Are you interested in finding out to which person a cell phone number belongs to? find number phone name phone number lookup Our Private Investigators are able to conduct a phone number lookup investigation and provide you with the name and the latest recorded address of the phone number holder. We can...
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