The process of mobile device analysis requires delicate handling. The technological department of Ouzounis Company, with its extensive experience, provides you with the most immediate and effective solutions.

Mobile device analysis can provide you with information such as the digital footprint of the person who installed software on your device, the information they attempted to access, and other "sensitive information" you wish to keep confidential.

For the conduct of the investigation, we typically require around 30 minutes (with a potential 10-minute deviation).
No physical contact with your mobile device is necessary.

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Investigation Features

Directness & Effectiveness

The process of mobile device inspection is entirely conducted remotely, minimizing the duration of the investigation.

Having satisfied over 23,000 clients, we are confident in our ability to thoroughly and accurately examine your device with absolute success. Therefore, you can put us to the test!


The content and use of a mobile device are considered highly personal data.

In the unfortunate event that someone gains access to this information, your personal security is at significant risk, as you may become a target for extortion.

Why Trust Us:

Ignorance wears you down. We understand that trust can shake human relationships, and that's why we are here. The time to take action has come!

Having successfully completed over 23,000 cases, our offices have been handling investigative cases throughout Greece and abroad for the past 50+ years. Our main goal is to gather the information you request.

Legal Framework:

We must inform you that OUZOUNIS PRIVATE INVESTIGATIONS AGENCY undertakes cases within the framework of Law 3206/2003 as defined for private investigators in Government Gazette 298/A/23.12.2003.